Greg Orman for Kansas

Orman for Kansas collects over 10K signatures to qualify for general election ballot

Campaign delivers twice as many signatures as required to Topeka.

OLATHE, Kan. — The Independent ticket of Greg Orman and Sen. John Doll today announced the campaign collected 10,338 signatures of Kansas voters as part of its successful ballot petition to qualify for the general election this Nov.

Orman and Sen. Doll delivered the signatures this morning to the Secretary of State’s office in Topeka and submitted the requisite forms for ballot access. By law, Independent candidates must collect at least 5,000 signatures of registered voters to qualify for the general election ballot, and the campaign turned in more than twice that number.

“The two parties do everything in their power to put up roadblocks and barriers to prevent anyone but their own from participating in our electoral process,” said Independent Greg Orman. “That won’t work this year, and Sen. Doll and I will give Kansas voters a strong Independent choice this Nov. for the first time in generations."

Sen. Doll of Garden City, who joined Orman’s campaign in March, said completion of the ballot petition process is the first step of many during the next three months that will show Kansas voters how an Independent leadership team with the right experience can transform Topeka.

“Topeka needs strong leadership that puts the people first not the parties or their special interests,” said Sen. Doll. “Greg and I bring different life experiences to the table and come from different parts of the state, and we will use that diversity of thought to offer balanced leadership for all of Kansas.”

The campaign began a statewide ad campaign July 23 with two spots now airing on broadcast and cable television across Kansas and reported last week it has raised more than $1.3 million from 1,200 individual donors since Dec. and had over $450,000 cash on hand entering the general election.