Greg Orman for Kansas

8 Reasons to Support Independent Greg Orman for Governor

1. Greg Will Unite Us

Bringing people together requires a nonpartisan mindset. One that is focused on solving problems rather than scoring empty debating points.

Greg Orman believes that people with good intentions are good listeners who seek to understand, not just what others feel, but why they feel that way.

That’s how we will construct reasonable solutions to even the most difficult problems.

The purpose of government, after all, is to resolve our differences, not to exploit them.

Partisanship has become a game. A game that has one loser … the voters. As an independent, Greg rejects the partisan “us vs. them” mentality. He will help make government about governing again.

2. Greg Will Win

Almost half of American voters now self-identify as independent voters. They want real leadership and have been let down by politicians in both parties.

In Kansas, we have a proud historical appreciation for our independence.

Yet, Greg’s opponents will compete in the closed primary to win the title of “best Democrat” or “best Republican.” That’s why they are accountable to the backroom powerbrokers and the tiny fraction of voters who vote in low-turnout primaries.

In the meantime, while his opponents are busy courting political insiders, Greg will be talking to real people about real life in Kansas and how to replace backroom-partisanship with people-focused problem-solving in the Statehouse.

But, taking on both political parties is a tough job for a tough, seasoned, and successful leader. A leader who understands and can compete on a practical political level. Greg raised more than $450,000 in the first month of his campaign alone. He will have the resources to compete.

Come November 2018, a historic three-way contest will pit two partisan politicians against independent Greg Orman, a successful businessman committed to representing people, not political parties.

Think Kansans are ready for something new? Something better? … We do too.

3. Greg Is a Genuine Independent

Greg has literally written the book on being independent. As the author of A Declaration of Independents, he’s not some party hack that decided to drop his party label for his political benefit. He became an independent long before it was politically fashionable and, rather than accept the benefits of the insider game, he has stood by his commitment to nonpartisan common-sense.


Listen closely all election. If you are a Republican, the political operatives will try to convince you that Greg is really a Democrat. If you are a Democrat, they will tell you he is a Republican. We’ve all heard it …it’s a game, their game. And, they can only play it when we let them.

A genuine independent is a genuine threat to the insiders and a genuine opportunity for voters.

Greg Orman will reach out to every independent thinking Kansan … Democrats, Republicans, third party members and independents who see life as more than the latest Republican or Democrat “talking point.”

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4. Greg Will Run a Transparent Administration

Good leadership doesn’t shy away from transparency. Good leaders are honest about their intentions and not afraid to admit when they are wrong.

That’s one reason why years of bad leadership in Kansas has resulted in less transparency.

As Governor, Greg’s transparency blueprint will empower the citizens of Kansas as active and informed participants in their government including public access to public business conducted on the private email accounts of government officials and published “office hours” to assure everyday folks can access the Governor and his staff.

We are stronger when we are open to each other, to intellectual discussion, to challenge, and to opposing ideas.

This open approach has worked for Greg’s businesses. It will work for Kansas.

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5. Greg Will Not Accept Money from Lobbyists or PACs

This one is simple.

Greg is committed to people. That’s why he won’t accept money from lobbyists or PACs.

Want the dirty money out of politics?

So does Greg. Help him get started.

6. Greg Knows What It Takes To Be Successful

This one is not.

There is no simple roadmap to business, life, nor government.

Greg’s success didn’t come because he thought he knew everything. His success was built on surrounding himself with people who understood that being right included admitting when you are wrong.

“I reserve the right to be smarter tomorrow than I am today,” is the business mantra of Greg’s business partner.

And that will be Greg’s mantra as Governor.

Greg will not make appointments based on party affiliation, but on finding people who are both smart and humble.

Greg will surround himself with the right people, for a better Kansas.

7. Greg Is Not a Career Politician

After graduating with high honors from Princeton University, Greg founded his first business: Environmental Lighting Concepts. In just four years time, he built the company into a multimillion-dollar thriving business with over 120 employees.

Today, Greg helps fund and mentor others to turn great ideas into great businesses. At home, he is a husband and father to two beautiful daughters.

For Greg, public service is an obligation and an honor. Climbing the political ladder is not part of that ambition. Not in the past, the present, or the future.

Greg is running for Governor as an independent challenge to the shallow politics that threaten to undermine our common bond, to shock the partisans with a dose of common sense, and to reinvigorate Kansas as the heartbeat of the American Dream.

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8. Sybil Orman Is Awesome



Enough about Greg. To really know him, you have to know Sybil.

As a longtime school teacher, Sybil has dedicated her life to our children. Outside the classroom, she has been an active volunteer. Sybil is an honorary co-chair of the KidsTLC annual benefit and remains active in the Olathe Public Schools Foundation Women’s Giving Circle.

Sybil understands the challenge that public life presents for any family. She supports Greg’s run for Governor for one reason: the future belongs to our kids, and it's our obligation to protect it.

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