Greg Orman for Kansas

All of Kansas

We must ensure that rural Kansans get the services they need.

All of Kansas

Greg Orman will support economic development in rural Kansas. The state of Kansas has a long track record of agricultural leadership and rural Kansas has historically been a backbone of the state economy. Rural Kansas has also been a backbone of the family culture in Kansas and offered an unmatched quality of life to its citizens—rural Kansas is a treasure that offers people the ability to build a special life for themselves and their families.

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Unfortunately, rural Kansas has struggled in recent years as the agricultural landscape has evolved and as an increasing number of Kansans have migrated to urban areas or out of state. This migration is threatening the financial stability of rural areas as it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain basic services as population levels drop. These problems will not be solved by merely defaulting to the typical political “fixes” of tax cuts and subsidies which are very blunt instruments. Rural Kansas needs—and deserves—greater focus in supporting it in building its economy.

Luckily, rural Kansas has numerous assets that it can use to build its economy through growing current industries and creating new industries. Doing this will support rural Kansans with jobs and will help pay for the basic infrastructure needed to support their quality of life. In addition, we must also innovate to improve the delivery of basic services and housing for rural Kansans that will be required to retain and attract workers to rural Kansas. Rural Kansas has the opportunity to participate in our changing economy and to prosper while also maintaining the quality of life and values that make it unique.

For Kansas to succeed, rural Kansas must succeed

Greg will eliminate barriers to agricultural production and profitability for Kansas farmers and support them in ensuring that they have adequate water resources. The Kansas agricultural sector is an example for the nation but we need to do everything in power to support it in building its leadership position and ensuring that it has the resources—particularly water—required to flourish

He will also ensure that the digital and innovation infrastructure is in place to support new industries, enabling rural Kansas to become a hub for digitally based companies. The digital economy offers a unique opportunity for rural Kansas since it opens the door for work to be performed remotely. We need to ensure that we are fully equipped to take advantage of this opportunity and encourage new businesses in these areas.

Additionally, he will leverage our natural advantages in wind and solar. Kansas has the opportunity to leverage its resources to lead in solar and wind. To achieve this, we need to focus on enabling our supply of solar and wind both from a generation and a transmission and distribution standpoint and explore opportunities to spur demand of this power.

Finally, he will ensure that the social infrastructure is in place to support rural Kansas. If we cannot sustain and improve the quality of life in rural Kansas, then we will not have the workforce needed to capture the economic development opportunities that it has before it. We need to create solutions in a number of areas ranging from solving the rural housing gap to explore using new technologies to support the efficient delivery of basic services such as education and healthcare. By doing this, we can ensure that rural Kansas never has to forego opportunities for lack of talent to pursue them.