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Orman Campaign is Making Waves Nationwide

State and national news outlets are taking notice of our credible independent campaign. Time to stop the partisan politics and get to work!

Kansas City Star: ‘9.0 earthquake’: Kansas, Missouri at epicenter as independents try to upend politics

“I’ve worked to recruit candidates across the country to help break the logjam in Washington and to give people better representation,” Orman said when asked about his role in the overall movement.

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Politico: Statewide independents roll out national slate

Greg Orman, a 2014 independent candidate for Senate in Kansas, is now making the case for an independent for governor — with a hope to provide a palatable alternative to whoever comes out of a GOP primary likely to be dominated by Trump-aligned firebrand Kris Kobach, the secretary of state, and Gov. Jeff Colyer, the former lieutenant governor to immensely unpopular Sam Brownback, who left the job for a low-level Trump appointment.

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Contribute to Orman for Kansas! New Political Movement Aims to Unite America with National Slate of Independent Candidates

Unite America, [formally] the Centrist Project, announced Tuesday a historic national slate of independent candidates running for governor and US Senate...

This would give a caucus of independent lawmakers control of the balance of power and leverage to bring Republicans and Democrats to the table on the nation’s biggest issues.

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Real Clear Politics: Independents Can Unite America

If you’re like us, you want elected officials to stop campaigning on election night and transition to governing; quit the bickering and instead focus on their real work of helping to give every American the opportunity to realize his or her full potential –– such as by supporting the creation of good jobs, improving our education system, and ensuring health care is affordable.

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