Greg Orman for Kansas

Making Government Work For The People Again

Greg will employ a collaborative and open approach that ensures our government is working for the people.

Making Government Work For The People Again

To lead Kansas into the future, Greg Orman will employ a collaborative and open approach that ensures our government is working for the people, not special interests or national party agendas.

Greg will leave behind the political animosity and partisan gridlock that has been holding us back for far too long. We need to focus on the right things—the things that will move the needle in making life better for all Kansans—and work on them in the right way to spur the innovation required to create better outcomes and lasting results. In order to do this, he will focus on fair elections with full transparency, a common sense approach to governing, and a culture of involvement, innovation, and problem-solving.

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Greg’s promise to the people of Kansas is that the Governor’s office will no longer be walled off from the public—it will no longer only be open to people who agree with the Governor, but will actively work to involve all Kansans.

Greg will institute office hours and expand citizen advocates while ensuring equal representation of women on Governor-appointed boards. In fact, he will make all appointments merit-based with individuals of any political stripe who are committed to transparency and collaboration.

In an effort to increase transparency in the legislative process, Greg will end the process of introducing bills anonymously—Kansans deserve to know who’s introducing legislation so that they can examine the motives behind a bill: Greg won’t sign any bill placed on his desk that doesn’t have an author attached. There will also be increased transparency in legislative committees and agency proceedings, all major votes in all committees will be recorded, and committee meetings will be available online, especially when public testimony is being offered.

Additionally, Greg will propose legislation to prohibit lawmakers, appointed officials and senior staff members from registering as a lobbyist for three years after leaving office. Public service shouldn’t be a stepping stone to a high-paying career lobbying your former colleagues. This prohibition will apply fully to the senior level appointees in his administration. Greg will end the practice of lobbyists contributing to or bundling contributions to give to lawmakers. Lobbyists can provide helpful insight, but they shouldn’t be able to buy votes with campaign contributions.

One of Orman’s signature issues is openness in government. He said he plans to make Kansas government “the most transparent, effective, and accountable government in the nation.

Voter Rights

Greg will work to make elections fairer, create more electoral competition, and establish greater accountability of elected officials to serve the needs of voters.

Our goal should be to encourage as many Kansans as possible to participate in our elections, which is the lifeblood of our democracy. But we also want to ensure the integrity of our election process so that only those eligible to vote do so.

When Greg ran for the United States Senate in 2014, the response to the campaign was to try to modify the laws to make it more difficult for Independents to run and win. Instead of looking inward and saying, “how do we do more to earn the votes of Kansans," partisans were saying, “how do we rig the rules to avoid accountability."

And they’re at it again in 2018!

Greg supports same-day voter registration to encourage more eligible Kansas voters to go to the polls. Any candidate who believes in her or his message, qualifications, and intentions should want as many people voting as possible.

The voter ID law that was used by the Kansas secretary of state to suppress votes was supported by the vast majority of our legislature, including other gubernatorial candidates; and both major parties have been using tactics for decades to try rig elections for their advantage so that they can avoid true accountability to voters.

This is not acceptable–the right to vote is a pillar of American democracy. Any suppression cannot be tolerated.