Greg Orman for Kansas

Independent Greg Orman Talks Policy With Ease

The recent partisan attack disguised as opinion published by the Kansas City Star about Greg Orman was nothing more than a set of recycled talking points from the 2014 campaign. It was wrong then. It’s still wrong today.

Anyone who paid attention to Greg’s campaign in 2014 and this year’s race has seen him answer policy questions with intelligence, insight and courage. It’s why the stalwart conservative George Will, after an interview with Greg in his Shawnee office in 2014, wrote that “Orman discusses policy problems with a fluency rare among Senate candidates and unusual among senators."

So, before buying into a hit piece advanced by party bosses who are frightened by the traction Orman’s campaign has been receiving, let’s check the facts. Since Orman announced his candidacy Jan. 24, he’s been quoted in 38 separate news reports by 26 media outlets across the state.

By contrast, if you look at the other major candidates’ websites and listen to their words, what you’ll see and hear are more partisan platitudes that fit nicely on a bumper sticker.

Along with his running mate, Sen. John Doll of Garden City, Greg’s held meet and greets, participated in forums and spoken at the state capitol about issues that matter. He’s answered policy questions with specificity on issues as politically charged as immigration, guns, abortion and medical marijuana.

As to the claim that it took the Star two requests to get Orman to answer five yes or no questions on guns, let’s set the record straight. Orman told the Star he’d prefer to submit for publication a detailed column that outlined his views in full. They declined.

Greg’s piece on guns was subsequently published by Real Clear Politics and offers detailed insight into his position on this issue. The Star’s paint by numbers approach to journalism simply perpetuates the myth that there are only two sides in politics — yes or no, red or blue. Reading Orman’s article also should give deep insight into what he’s really trying to accomplish, which is to solve problems instead of scoring cheap political points that don’t lead to any meaningful policy changes.

As Orman has started to roll out his policy agenda, he’s talked about many of the innovative ideas he wants to bring to Kansas.

Among them are making Kansas the distribution and intermodal manufacturing capital of America. To accomplish this, Greg has advanced the idea of entering into local regulatory compacts, and by doing so trading off targeted economic development help in exchange for accelerated permitting timelines to jump-start private sector investment.

With regard to education, Greg wants to target one of the root causes of the achievement gap by providing more summer reading and learning programs for kids in Title 1 schools. Studies show this drives up to two thirds of the achievement disparity between low income and high income kids.

Just this week, as he began talking about his transparency and accountability agenda for Kansas, he committed to weekly office hours as Governor, during which time any Kansas citizen can make an appointment to offer input and express their views. He also called for the appointment of a true citizen’s advocate in the Department for Children and Families who would report directly to the Governor.

It’s roughly 200 days before Kansans start voting for their next Governor, and just as he did in 2014, Greg will introduce detailed policy plans in the coming weeks and share them directly with voters. In doing so, it will be clear to Kansans that Orman has the most thoughtful and innovative policy agenda of any candidate.

If you’re happy with the direction the state has been on and want to double down on the failed policies Topeka has offered up, vote for one of the candidates the major parties offer up. But if you believe that we deserve better, listen closely to what Greg Orman is actually saying and ignore the propaganda that will continue to overwhelm us between now and November.

Greg Orman is a successful entrepreneur and common sense problem-solver. The fact that both sides keep attacking him only indicates he’s right and the party elite have nothing to offer Kansas voters other than a rigged system that’s letting people down. Orman is the only candidate who will put the interests of Kansans ahead of party bosses and special interests. He is by far the best possible Governor that Kansas could have.