Greg Orman for Kansas

SIGN to Support the Independent Primary

You should not have to join a party to vote in a taxpayer-funded election!

You should not have to join a private political party to vote in a taxpayer-funded election.

Primary elections are funded by taxpayers and administered by public officials. And it should go without saying that primary elections are an important and influential part of our public election process.

Political parties are private organizations, and they have every right to determine who represents THEM.

But today, more than half of the American electorate doesn't trust either major party to represent them.

Yet, in my home of Kansas, you cannot vote during the primary unless you are registered with a major political party.

So isn't it time we had a primary to select candidates that better represent US?

Let's stop giving the private political parties a taxpayer-funded monopoly over our public elections process.

Let's give the political parties a little healthy competition by providing a platform for independent-minded voters to participate on an equal playing field.

Let's protect democracy. Increase competition. And give America its first primary for independents.