Greg Orman for Kansas


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We are at the cusp of reclaiming our state from party bosses and their nationally-driven agendas. We can and will become a shining example of what a state can do when its public and private sectors, and most importantly, its citizens pull together to build a better future.” - Greg Orman

Kansas is at a critical juncture. What happens over the next five years will set the stage for the future.

Greg Orman is running for Governor because he wants Kansas to be a place where his two daughters feel inspired to build their futures. But he knows we’re not going to get there with the vision of the past. We need someone who, unconstrained by the two-party system that got us here, will embrace the best ideas–regardless of who thought of them–to build a Kansas that makes us all proud.

As an Independent, Greg won’t be limited to a group of politically loyal and ideologically aligned Democrats or Republicans. Surrounded by the most qualified Kansans, he will advance innovative solutions that aren’t in the stale playbooks from both parties and ensure that all Kansans have an opportunity to improve their lives.

How Greg Will Lead Kansas Into the Future: