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John Doll Rips Senate for Playing Politics With Kids Education

If you are tired of politicians putting partisan fights against good policy, look no further than our latest education bill.

For over three weeks, the Kansas Senate could have voted on an education bill. Instead, the GOP controlled Senate waited until the last minute to push a bill that would most certainly be found unconstitutional by the State's supreme court.

It doesn't take a politician to come up with a few practical solutions. Take a look at the House bill that already passed? Craft a bill that isn't unconstitutional?

No. The Kansas Senate tried to cure the problem with the bill by simply removing the courts from the equation!

This is why people are upset with politics. This is why I'm proud to have a man of integrity like John Doll join my ticket, calling out the political opportunists.

From The Garden City Telegram:

Doll is concerned by Senate leadership’s previous effort to stall passage of a Senate education bill until both the House and Senate pass a resolution to amend the state constitution and limit the Supreme Court’s authority on the constitutionality of K-12 school funding plans.

The tactics adopted by Senate leadership have been the same kind of 11th-hour strong-arm moves that landed the state with former governor Sam Brownback’s 2014 tax bill and the fiscal hole that came with it.

For Doll, the implications of the amendment and purported coercion by GOP Senate leadership reinforce his decision to leave the Republican Party and become an independent in his gubernatorial run with Greg Orman.

“The politics of this is just terrible,” Doll, a former teacher, said. He added that students and schools are being used as “pawns” in a larger political game.

However, Doll said, he supports the finance bill passed by the House, calling it “solid” and representative of what many senators want.

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