Greg Orman for Kansas

No PACs, Lobbyists, or Partisan Players Will Control Us

I, like two-thirds of Americans, have given up on BOTH political parties.

And why wouldn't we?

Both national parties survive only because of the PACs, lobbyists, and special interest that fuel them.

Then they come into OUR state with THEIR agenda to tell us what to do?

No more.

While the parties set their agenda in Washington DC, pitting one "side" against the other, we in Kansas are stuck in the middle of a country being pulled apart.

As we say in our state motto, let's rise above this difficulty.


I'm rejecting PACs, lobbyists, and all the partisan players who use checkbooks to control other candidates because I have one goal at the end of the day...

To bring Kansas home.

Kansans represent everything to love about independence. We build. We grow. And we confront challenges together.

Both parties have given us a challenge.

Let's take it.

Will you consider a contribution of $100$25, or even $5 to challenge them with some hometown independence?

I know its tough for some of you to contribute financially. Just remember, actions, enthusiasm, and authenticity are more valuable than anything a political expenditure can buy. You can ALWAYS help the campaign by simply sharing your support on Facebook, retweeting our campaign, or even sharing this post with a friend who might be interested in bringing Kansas home with our independent spirit.