Greg Orman for Kansas

Orman for Kansas launches statewide ad campaign, cites failed two-party system for holding state back

"We never settle for just two lousy choices in anything, except politics,"
 Greg Orman declares in ads

OLATHE, Kan. — The Independent campaign of Greg Orman and Sen. John Doll today launched a statewide ad campaign with two television spots that will air on broadcast and cable television in every Kansas market.

The campaign’s first ad, titled “Grocery,” highlights the lack of viable choices at the ballot box for most Kansas voters and the damage the two-party system has done to the state as both sides continue to double down on their failed policies.

“​We never settle for just two lousy choices in anything, except politics, where a broken two-party system is destroying our state,” Independent Greg Orman said in the ad. “This failed system’s not working. Kansans deserve better.”

Orman reminded voters in the ad that he’s the only candidate for governor who’s not accepting campaign contributions from political actions committees or lobbyists and will answer only to the people of Kansas.

View Orman for Kansas’ first statewide television ad.

Sen. John Doll, who left the Republican Party and the Senate GOP caucus in March to join Orman’s campaign, said the ad focuses on what’s missing from the current political system — a diversity of good choices for voters on election day.

“Kansans shouldn’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils every time they go to the polls,” said Sen. Doll. “The two parties put up barriers to try and keep everyone but their own from participating in elections, but this year Greg Orman and I will finally give voters a real Independent choice in November.”

As an Independent ticket, Orman and Sen. Doll will bypass the party primaries and qualify directly for the general election via ballot petition. To do that, by law the campaign must collect the signatures of at least 5,000 registered voters by Aug. 6.