Greg Orman for Kansas

Orman for Kansas reports raising more than $1.3M from over 1,200 individuals since Dec.

Independent ticket enters general election with $450K cash on hand

OLATHE, Kan. — The Independent campaign of Greg Orman and Sen. John Doll today announced the Orman for Kansas committee has raised more than $1.3 million from over 1,200 individual contributors since Dec. and had $458,793 cash on hand as of July 26.

During the latest fundraising period the campaign received contributions totaling $878,874 from 827 individuals, including 527 Kansans and 300 other contributors from across the country. Orman is the only gubernatorial candidate who’s not accepting money from political action committees or lobbyists.

“As a candidate for governor, I’ve pledged not to take a dime from PACs or lobbyists and the special interests that control both parties and their candidates,” said Independent Greg Orman. “I’ve kept that pledge, and my personal contributions to this campaign show my commitment to always putting this state and its people first.”

Sen. John Doll of Garden City, who joined Orman’s campaign in March, said Orman’s investment in the race and his focus on problem solving instead of the partisanship on display in both primaries have positioned the campaign for a strong push between now and Nov. 6.

“While candidates on both side of the aisle double down on the same old red and blue talking points and pander to the extremes in their parties, Greg Orman and I are focused on a Problem Solving Platform that will address the major challenges facing our state,” said Sen. Doll. “I know the people of Kansas are ready for a real Independent choice at the ballot box.”

As an Independent ticket, Orman and Sen. Doll will bypass the party primaries and qualify directly for the general election ballot in Nov.