Greg Orman for Kansas

Greg Orman visits Great Bend and McPherson

For the past weeks, Independent Candidate Greg Orman has been traveling up and down the state, meeting with real Kansans and making sure every voter knows there is an alternative to the two-party duopoly that has taken control over Kansas politics.

Read below about Greg's activities on the campaign trail:

Greg spent much of last week in Great Bend, where he met with business and community leaders. Greg's experience as a successful businessman will help every city, like Great Bend, to grow and create more jobs to keep younger people in town. 

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Orman's visit was highlighted by many local newspapers, who pointed out: "the entrepreneur and businessman from Fairway wants to bring some common sense to economic growth, education, healthcare and government transparency."

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After visiting Great Bend, Greg Orman headed to McPherson, where he emphasized the importance of running as an independent candidate: “Political independence, to me, isn’t about ideology,” Orman said. “It’s about putting my state and my country ahead of a political party."

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