Greg Orman for Kansas

2018 Problem Solving Platform

Kansas can rise above the partisan politics that prevent us from solving real-world problems. As Independents, Greg Orman and John Doll will apply a common-sense approach to government where the people of Kansas come first.

The Orman for Kansas Problem Solving Platform

As part of our Problem Solving Platform, the Orman for Kansas campaign will be releasing 8 detailed plans that will address the major challenges facing the state of Kansas and its people and offer needed reforms in the areas of economic development, health care and education, among others.

Plan 1 of 8: Making Government Work for the People Again

We ​will employ a collaborative and open approach to leading Kansas into the future that ensures our government is working for the people, not special interests or national party agendas. We will leave behind the political animosity and partisan gridlock that has been holding us back for far too long​ and become​ a shining example of what a state can do when its public and private sectors, and, most importantly, its citizens pull together to build a better future. We will become a place where working together constructively is the status quo.