Greg Orman for Kansas

Building the Rural Kansas Economy: Policy Plan for All of Kansas

Today’s policy plan is the fourth detailed policy strategy released by the Orman for Kansas Campaign.

Olathe, KS – The Orman for Kansas Campaign released today the Orman Doll rural Kansas policy plan. The strategy outlined in the policy will ensure that the communities of rural Kansas have the necessary tools, infrastructure, and support to grow and thrive in the 21st century.

“All too often the voice of rural Kansas has been drowned out by the status quo politicians in Topeka,” said Greg Orman. “When I announced my running mate, Senator John Doll from Garden City, I made it clear that rural Kansas would be fully represented in an Orman and Doll Administration. Focusing on the success of rural Kansas has been my promise from day one and it will remain my promise when John Doll and I are voted in as the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Kansas.”

The Orman Doll policy plan highlights detailed strategy to remedy the problems and obstacles that are currently holding rural Kansas back. The strategy outlined today by Greg Orman and John Doll is a departure from the tired playbooks of the career politicians who have in the past defaulted to the typical political “fixes” of tax cuts and subsidies. 

John Doll stated, “the Orman and Doll Administration will implement a policy plan for rural Kansas that goes well beyond the broad commentary of the career politicians who focus their efforts on urban areas and then simply extend those fixes to rural Kansas. I know Western Kansas. I am the third generation of my family to be involved in agribusiness. And I know Greg Orman. Greg Orman knows that rural Kansas is the backbone of the Kansas economy. He is the only candidate for governor with a detailed plan that will create prosperity in our changing economy while at the same time maintain the quality of life and values that make rural Kansas unique.”

Building the Rural Kansas Economy policy plan can be found HERE.

The strategy includes:

  • Expanding markets and opportunities for agriculture;
  • Investing in the infrastructure necessary for Western and rural Kansas;
  • Building the tools to allow the digital economy to flourish throughout Kansas;
  • Creating strategies to mitigate and reverse population decline;
  • Leveraging technology to preserve rural Kansas.

The All of Kansas Rural policy plan is the fourth of eight detailed policy plans released by Greg Orman and John Doll. The three previous policy plans can be found by clicking the following links.

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