Greg Orman for Kansas

WaPo and Smerconish: Don't Underestimate Orman

It has only been a few weeks since Greg announced his exploratory campaign for Governor of Kansas, but the press is already taking notice. 

This week, Greg sat down with author and journalist Michael Smerconish to talk about the future of Kansas and how an Independent Governor can bridge the partisan divide that is tearing us apart all across the country:

“I think my home state and the country are not nearly as divided from a policy perspective as the politicians would like us to believe...

As an Independent, I can pick the best and brightest people to serve in state government. I’m not obligated to make appointments from a limited group of Democrat and Republican loyalist… I’ll be able to embrace the best ideas regardless of who thought of them to move our state forward.”

Good ideas > party. Simple. 

Read my full interview with Smerconish here.

And just today, the Washington Post highlighted our campaign as the site of “one of the most interesting political battlegrounds of 2018.”

Importantly, even WaPo recognizes that a credible independent campaign like ours is not a long-shot. It is OUR time:

"Orman understands how technology is cutting out the party middlemen and connecting candidates directly to voters ... But his expected entry into the race will scramble every battle plan for every candidate — as independents can easily do in the new digital democracy."

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