Greg Orman for Kansas

Why I'm an Independent

I’m a political Independent for one really simple reason – I don’t believe the current system is working for the American people or the citizens of Kansas. The two major parties seem to care more about seeing the other party fail than they care about our country succeeding. They also seem to ignore the American people while placing the needs of their donors and the special interests that control the parties first.

I’ve tried both parties. I’ve supported candidates from both parties, but generally I’ve been disappointed by the results. To maintain my independence, I won’t take any money from lobbyists or PACs.

My experience as a businessman has taught me that competition is key to creating better service at a lower cost for customers. We can apply that same lesson to government. I think the only way we are going to create truly accountable government is to bring real competition.

Kansas faces a crisis of leadership. After seven years of false promises, failed policies, and an unwillingness to embrace the truth, Kansas needs real leadership. An Independent governor is the best option for providing the leadership that we need as a state.

As an Independent governor, I’ll put Kansans first. I won’t be obligated to party bosses or special interests. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought will be, “how do I serve the people of Kansas best today?” I won’t be worried about a political party or how my service to Kansans affects either party.

Greg Orman at Parade

Being an Independent will also allow me to attract the best and the brightest to my administration, regardless of their political affiliation. I won’t be limited to picking my cabinet or the hundreds of appointments that the governor makes from a group of Democrats or Republicans. I won’t base my decisions on loyalty to a party or ideological purity. I think we’ve all seen what happens when a governor limits appointments based on ideological tests.

My commitment would be to attract and retain the highest quality individuals to work in the Kansas government regardless of their political affiliation. Our cabinet would include Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, and we would recruit people from inside and outside of government. I’ve learned from my business experience the value of having great teams. We would bring the best team of people to serve Kansans.

Finally, as an Independent, I won’t be making policy decisions based on talking points from party leaders. Things are changing rapidly in Kansas and across the country. As a common sense problem solver, I won’t be pulling answers from one of two outdated partisan playbooks. We won’t cling to ideological driven solutions. What we will do is bring real innovation to Kansas – examining all sides of an issue, identifying and solving the root cause of problems, and using facts and common sense. Most importantly, we will work to empower the citizens of Kansas and seek the best advice from them to move our state forward.